Interbit is the enterprise-grade blockchain development platform that developers love.


Our dream is to see the formation of an Interbit-powered global ecosystem that connects businesses via trusted blockchain-based applications and services.

The potential of blockchain technology is enormous. It will form the foundation of countless new processes, applications, businesses, and even whole industries. We understand that it takes the combined talents of visionary leaders and talented developers working with enterprise-grade technology to bring these innovations to life and support them over time.

Our Roadmap

Originally conceived in 2012, Interbit is BTL's proprietary blockchain development platform. Over the past 2 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with globally recognized brands in a number of verticals and geographies whose vision and leadership have challenged us to deliver a product that exceeds today’s enterprise business's standards.

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Design Matters

Designed from the ground up with enterprise capabilities in mind, Interbit is a development platform that combines blockchain with modern industry-proven design patterns that address many of the challenges that are preventing blockchain from progressing beyond tests and pilots into mainstream production. Below are just a few of the relevant design choices that matter.

Encapsulated blockchain functionality

Developers maintain focus on application logic and usability without needing to spend time or energy dealing with low level blockchain operations.

Familiar/Powerful Development tools

Developers with Redux experience will find Interbit development very intuitive. Applications are written in JavaScript using your favourite IDE.

Secure Chain Connecting

Easily create and securely connect chains. Interbit supports many-chain implementations that enable data separation/privacy, and scaling.

Support Efficiency

Interbit’s design eliminates traditional log-based troubleshooting and empowers application support teams to find and fix issues with incredible efficiency.

Calling all Developers

Tired of working with bloated platforms, combing through wiki’s, learning, training, and then jumping between new tools and languages that may never be used again? If you have Redux experience, you’ll love Interbit!

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