INTERBIT – Powering the future of computing


A distributed computing platform designed to support the next generation of digital infrastructure.

Interbit enables businesses to build networks comprising many blockchains to provide the benefits of blockchain while solving the inherent limitations. Users are able to segregate data between discrete blockchains, ensuring only the relevant parties have access to data and enforcing privacy at architecture level. The Interbit platform will divide the network into many lightweight chains, which scale horizontally and guarantees high performance with network growth. 
This degree of granularity makes the network inherently resilient, while allowing users to carefully control access to their data. The architecture is adaptable to support future distributed computing models such as edge and mesh computing whilst also fundamentally delivering security and performance.
Data has become both a utility and an asset class that requires a new standard in processing, management and transport. The Interbit platform is designed to accommodate these standards, and will continue to scale to meet future demand.