Interbit – multi-chain architecture

Interbit pioneered the development of a multi-chain architecture to provide immutability in a manner that neither traditional databases nor single blockchains can achieve.

Our technology

Interbit’s fundamental building blocks form the basis of a lightweight and practical infrastructure that segregates data and allows it to be deleted in a transparent manner to meet the growing concerns around privacy.

Our unique architecture allows businesses to build networks comprising many blockchains, providing the benefits of blockchain technology while solving the inherent limitations in scale and privacy faced by single blockchains.

The company’s patent strategy is to seek to protect the unique features of its products that capture the large scale virtualisation of blockchains through a multi-chain software design.

Our Technology

Our Network

Opportunities for Interbit’ technology to be deployed in data management and data aggregation pilot projects and initiatives will accelerate as markets embrace blockchain technology.

Accordingly the Company has chosen partners that will help build this network of opportunities to deliver to customers operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Our Network

Corporate & Investors

Interbit Ltd, formerly BTL Group trades on the Venture board of the Toronto Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol ​TSXV:​IBIT.

Corporate & Investors

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