Our Network

We work with innovative leaders to develop Interbit products that embrace future business opportunities.


Xinova is a company led by Edward Jung, one of history’s top 12 investors, that brings together a global innovation network that connects organisations seeking solutions with a curated network of talented companies and experts.

Xinova is pioneering in the Smart Cities landscape, with the CitizenOS project. The project, underpinned by Interbit technology, looks to deploy innovative technical solutions into urban environments to improve the lives of citizens, while respecting privacy and the role of government policy.


Interbit is partnering with Helix Apps, an expert application development company with a deep understanding of the Interbit platform. Helix’s diverse team and its understanding of the Xinova platform make it the ideal partner to drive the adoption of Interbit.


In December 2018, we announced a joint venture with Xinova and Helix. The CitizenOS Project is focused on building a system that enforces privacy, builds trust and enables businesses with data to operate within government policy.

It is part of a wider movement away from central databases towards the next generation of distributed edge computing and mesh networking built upon the scale that Interbit’s multi-chain is being built to deliver.  CitizenOS aims to enable global application development in areas such as FinTech, healthcare and logistics.

Edge Computing

Cloud computing has provided critical data infrastructure to support the most significant developments in digital transformation. However, with the emerging generation of connective technologies including IoT and 5G, we are beginning to identify the limitations of existing network architectures. Interbit’s chain joining technology is being built to enable users to scale networks using many blockchains, providing Interbit with a unique ability to inherently support distributed computing models, such as edge as mesh computing, while implementing security and performance architecturally.



Businesses that engage in multilateral processes inevitably require data to be reconciled, between departments and entire organisations. We have built a reconciliation engine that addresses this issue at its source. It provides a single mutual environment in which multilateral data is reconciled. Where possible, data is ingested and automatically matched and when disputes are identified, the outcome is agreed upon within a secure, immutable channel between the only the relevant parties.



Building on our Interbit blockchain platform, we have developed the OneOffice application for physical natural gas trading in the European market, covering a range of trading instruments and products. OneOffice supports a range of back office processes, managing deal entry, confirmations, actualisations, grouping, and statement generation. Netting and invoice data are generated to facilitate quicker settlement processes.


Effective 30th June 2020 Interbit Ltd has completed its Change of Business transaction and is now North Peak Resources Ltd, a Tier 2 mining issuer.

Interbit’s technology remains part of North Peak Resources and for further information please contact

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