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Blockchain Market Vigorous Growth with CAGR of 50% By 2023, Complete Market Analysis by Growth Opportunities, Demand, Production

1 June 2019

NMSU Courier

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BTL Interbit Platform – awarded blockchain innovation of the year by Juniper Research

29 September 2018

Juniper Research

Companies at the forefront of new developments in fintech, blockchain and banking have been honoured in this year’s Future Digital Awards for Fintech & Payments.

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Interbit from BTL treats individual blockchains as virtual machines and is thus able to spawn vast numbers of ephemeral blockchains to keep track of individual transactions

9 September 2018


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Massive Consensus Conference Succumbs To Blockchain 'Echo Chamber

17 May 2018


Perhaps the most interesting vendor in this category at Consensus is BTL, which crafted an entirely new architecture for its Interbit blockchain development platform.

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BTL Group CEO Mc Cann excited about launch of blockchain platform Interbit Proactive Investors

26 April 2018

Proactive Investors

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